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Get to know us

We are a boutique cattery based in Boise, Idaho. We breed CFA and TICA pedigreed, traditional, purebred, and authentic, Russian Blues! We first came to know and learn about Russian Blues when my husband and I were looking for another cat after our long-time cat and companion Georgia passed away at 22 years old. We were looking for a breed that would shed less and produce less Fel D1 protein, as my husband has allergies. Falling in love with their striking look, intelligence, and wonderful temperament, we wanted to give the opportunity to own, love, and cherish these amazing cats to other families while preserving the breed. Thus, our cattery was born. We focus on raising healthy well-tempered family cats. Our kittens are born and raised underfoot in our home and are cared for by my husband, myself, and our 3 children. We believe this not only socializes them but produces a more adaptable, well-handled cat making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. These precious cats are truly a unique breed with their double-coated fur and beautiful green eyes. They make great pets for a large family,  multi-pet, or one-person household.


Archangel Cat

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