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Adoption Process

We often get questions about our kitten adoption process. Please see the steps below!


Step 1 - Reserve a kitten!

The first step to adopting a new kitten is to submit your kitten reservation form. The cost is $250 and is applied toward your new kitten (discounted if you select 2 kittens)! Once you do this you are automatically added to our waitlist (unless we have a kitten available now!). Pricing does increase from time to time but you are locked in at your pricing at time of reservation!

We update our website and Social Media often, so you can learn about litter announcements there, however you may contact us at any point with any questions using our contact form, or by email.

Step 2 -
Wait for your kitten to be born!

We will keep you updated every step of the way with photos, notes, and short videos. At present, we have a very short waitlist and are expecting kittens every 6 months! See our currently available litters at this link

Step 3
Select your kitten!

Around 6 weeks after kittens are born, you get to select your kitten!


At this time you will also make your selection deposit to confirm your adoption. If you have selected pick of the litter, you will pay that fee now as well. (The remainder of the full amount is due at 9 weeks old). Please see the Pricing page for all the details!

Step 4 -
Coming Home!

When your kitten is 12 weeks old, they are ready to leave Mom and go to their forever home. If you live within driving distance, we will arrange for you to pick up the kitten directly from our cattery or a mutual location near Boise, Idaho.


If you do not live within driving distance or prefer to fly, we are happy to have you fly in and will meet you at the Boise airport. This is cost-effective and great for the kitten.


Alternatively, a pet courier can be used to transport typically by air, in cabin. Depending on your location, we have several we like that we can refer, but you should find one you feel most comfortable with. Pet travel must be arranged no less than 4-6 weeks in advance, and you must have a plan at kitten selection so we know how your baby will come home! 

Archangel Cat

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