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Order an allergy test blanket! - $30

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Russian Blues are widely regarded as hypoallergenic. What does the word "hypoallergenic" mean? It essentially means "less-allergenic". Is there such a thing as a hypo-allergenic cat? Yes, here are a couple of peer-reviewed studies:


Allergies vary amongst individual owners, as well as allergens within individual cats. Cats can be affected by their diet as well. New research shows that cats who have more egg-based IgY in their diet have substantially reduced levels of Fel D1 for example, the most common cat allergen (a protein in saliva). We do not test our cats for Fel d1. I am aware of one test, but our understanding is that it is very difficult to get an accurate portrait of Fel d1 in saliva from a point-in-time test and it is no substitute for a live test. Something to consider is that dander also tends to be a problem for some, rather than the Fel d1. Russian blues tend to produce lower levels of Fel D1 protein in their saliva regardless, which helps people allergic to that protein, and they shed very very little, which helps both with the proteins and with dander. My husband has a severe allergy to cats, likely both to saliva and dander and he does quite well with our 4 cats in the home but does take OTC allergy medication every other day (Zyrtec or Claritin). In contrast, he previously had to take one every day with only one "normal" cat. He estimates he is 1/8th as allergic to our Russians. Everyone is different however, either way, we would just want you to be confident that you can enjoy and are committed to care for your new kitten for the long haul, which for those with allergies can mean some give and take!

Please consult your doctor with any concerns. You may order an allergy test blanket from us below to see if you might have an unfavorable reaction this way as well. We circulate these blankets through our animals for ~1 week to give you the best idea we can personally about potential allergy concerns. 

Reaction or lack of reaction to an allergy blanket should not take the place of a physician or other professional recommendation, there is a risk of reacting to a blanket if you are allergic. Lack of reaction to a blanket does not necessarily mean lack of reaction to a cat.

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